вторник, 27 сентября 2016 г.

Estonia: Activity in September

Arbu Kindergarten begin work  in Nordplus Junior project "Children health improvement by integrating 5 elements of S. Kneipp".
The project involves all groups of kindergarten. Each of the participants of this project fulfills the tasks of the month.

In September, it was necessary to do the following tasks:

  • created project blog (responsible - Estonia), where we share our achievements and ideas, exhibiting movies and photos.

  • created slideshow familiarity with their country and institution

  • were created sketches of logo and vote for choice logo design
http://5elementsofkneipp.blogspot.com.ee/2016/09/logo-design-make-your-choice.html- Sketches of logo 
the wnner -  http://5elementsofkneipp.blogspot.com.ee/2016/09/logo-winner.html
  • Informing parents and local community about the partnership via local media, leaflets, posters


Project's Coordinator Alvina Maasik on  made a report, where presented the project and the beginning of his work.

  • Family and staff collect healing herbs, make herbarium and freeze/dry the herbs.

Updated of mats for hardening. Each group runs tempering procedures after a dream.

On lessons we speak about good nutrition. Kids cooked healthy meals and tasted.

  • Learning of our selected element (Estonia responsible for water), conduct experiments.

  • Training of Kneipp's methods for our teachers 

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