пятница, 28 октября 2016 г.

Estonia: Activity in October

One of the task of the project to get acquainted with the language, culture and traditions of the partners. 
To achieve this objective were organized skype meetings. At the meetings, the children from different countries exchanged greetings, sang and danced. They told how the project takes place, what procedures they are in kindergarten. 

Each partner country organizes a "Harvest festival". In groups was to organizes lessons, where our kids  got acquainted with the gifts of autumn. They collected, studied, prepared delicious meals from fruits and vegetables.We are continuing to study the proper nutrition. Learned all the vegetables and fruits, an exhibition of nature's gifts, cooking healthy meals and  juice.

Updated and purchased basins for tempering procedures. Updated mats for hardening and created corners of health(Kneipp's corners ).

Each group spends tempering procedures before breakfast, after a walk (before lunch) and after sleep.

We continue to explore the selected item (Estonia responsible for water), conduct experiments and learn about the property.

Promote health, we conduct lessons in the pool, where also kids make tempering procedures. On the street we have a training lessons, where kids develop endurance and agility.

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