среда, 23 ноября 2016 г.

Estonia: Activity in November

Skype meeting 

Estonia - Lithuania 8.11.2016 and It is a pity that our meeting with friends from Iceland did not take place. We say HALLÓ and look forward to the meeting.

Healthy body and teeth

Learning the body and how to care for it. Children learn about their body and learn to take care of it, acquire the basic skills of self-massage. A trip to the local museum of health

Promote health

Go to swimming pool, hold physical education classes,  spends tempering procedures and  visit salt chamber.

Balance and emotions

Rainbow days

Father's Day

MARTINMAS (mardipäev)


Learned all the vegetables and fruits, cooking salads and juice,bake bread.

"Best corner Kneipp"

In each classroom created corners of health(Kneipp corners) and a held a contest "Best corner Kneipp". The jury consisted of parents and teachers groups.

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