понедельник, 29 мая 2017 г.

Monthly plan: May and Juny

Third meeting in Iceland. The theme of the visit is „Here and now" and the emphasis will be on mindfulness and yoga as researches have shown the benefits of these elements for children’s emotional well-being. The nature as the main setting will be used to give practical advices and overview of those empowering tools and techniques.
Children from a host country give a performance based on topic of visit
Similarities and differences in health system, discussion about activities related to the project, current evaluation.
The visit will be disseminating to local communities and through local media.
Each country will present results of conducting research
The report of the  year activities
Each country will present template of Health portfolio
The Kneipp calendar will be exchanged
Year activities  is recorded on a CD and  will be exchanged
The Kneipp poster will be exchanged

Creating Kneipp corner in every partner preschool (outdoors)

Each country organizes a Kneipp week – each week day representing one element, ending by a Kneipp holiday on Friday. Everything is recorded on a CD.
Planting seeds in the garden (outdoor)
Conducting research among parents, partners and staff about the projects process.

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